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Dan Hegerich "The Blue Collar Healer"

My quest for vibrant health and peace of mind began in 1994, when I was first diagnosed with a terminal form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My oncologist at that time, Dr. Lawrence Cloud, asked me, “Dan, How did you get into the business of cancer?” This profound question was the spark which ignited my Soul to find answers. Thus my call to action began.  ...more...

Dan's Professional Training

Einstein stated “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." Therefore, the solution to my health and healing began by raising my conscious awareness to think from a Higher Point of view. ...more...

Blue Collar Healing

  1. It’s simple; you gotta do the work!

  2. It’s about having a spirit of adventure.

  3. It is about living healthy and being loving.  ...more...

Absolute Health and Healing

What is the Absolute?
What is Health?
What is Healing?    ...more...

Purpose, Mission and Vision

Welcome to Absolute Health and Healing. A company committed to the Healing Arts providing truth seekers with holistic concepts, health and healing services, and well-being products to enhance optimal health and promote self healing.   ...more...

Core Beliefs

  • Only you and your Creator know what is optimal for your maximum and efficient development in body, mind and Soul.

  • All men and women are created equal; all are born with free will to choose and the intelligence to create what ever can be imagined.