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Community Links

  • www.westonaprice.org Sally Fallon heads this organization as they carry on with the nutritional work of Weston A Price. This site contains many nutritional articles.

  • www.ifnh.org International Foundation for Nutrition and Health an organization dedicated to the philosophy and principles of the nutritional pioneers Royal Lee, Melvin Page, Francis Pottenger, Weston Price, and others.

  • www.mercola.com Dr Joseph Mercola has provided a very informative website with a great deal of achieved articles.

  • www.maxhealing.com I deeply respect my friend Mark Mincolla, PhD for his work in Bio-Energetic healing. His website has many articles and audio files for those who desire information.

  • www.journeysofwisdom.com John McMullen, PhD is another beautiful friend and health practitioner guiding individuals back to conscious ‘wholeness’.

  • www.drlwilson.com I spent 6 months assisting and learning from Dr. Wilson’s 25 years plus in the field of nutrition through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. His website has 100’s of articles on many wellbeing topics.

  • www.localharvest.org Local Harvest will help you find local farmers markets and offers organic products.

  • www.realmilk.org  is a resource to find raw dairy products in your area.

  • www.texasgrassfedbeef.com a family business offering exceptional flash frozen grass fed meat and poultry raised and processed with the utmost integrity to the animals and the earth.

  • www.primaldiet.ning.com is a site dedicated to individuals following the raw Primal Diet as outlined in the book We Want to Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD

  • www.newroadmap.org an organization helping people transform their relationship with money and establish financial integrity.

  • www.spiritvoyage.com a Mecca for spiritual music, sacred world music, and yoga music, apparel and resources, and music events.

  • www.toastmasters.org a world wide organization with local clubs which teach leadership skills through enhanced communication and public speaking.