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  • Learn how to use food as medicine

  • Learn what nutritional supplements are right for you and why

  • Learn about food quality, preparation, and storage

  • Learn about raw ‘live’ food vs cooked ‘dead’ food

  • Learn how to exercise and generate energy without draining energy

  • Increase mind-body awareness to access the power of choice

  • Increase vitality and energy for transformation

  • Anti-aging; restore youthfulness in mind and body

  • Improve detoxification to prevent free radical damage

  • Improve posture and aesthetics

  • Enhance self esteem & self acceptance

In order to obtain perfect or optimal health Wallace D Wattles expresses "a person’s first step must be to learn how to think perfect health and his second step is to learn how to eat, drink, breathe, and sleep in a perfectly healthy way."

Changing how we think is Healing and applying this new thinking to how we live is Health. Absolute Health and Healing shows you the way but you must do the work necessary to change your thinking and lifestyle habits.

Blue Collar Healer expression: "You get out of it what you put into it!"


"Dan's positive energy, depth of knowledge, and sensitivity infuse your spirit, stimulate your mind and calm your anxieties. Working with Dan is like sitting in the sunshine on a brisk autumn day - energizing and relaxing all at the same time."


"Dan has been one of the most influential people in my life; he inspired me to open my heart to a "whole" new way of being - truly in mind, body and spirit! He shares his knowledge, experience, drive, determination and love; only a true friend and teacher will do!"


"It is difficult to describe how much you have helped me. After years of back ache, you were able to quickly find problems where other health professionals found none. Most importantly, your therapy methods showed me how to stand and move properly. You are the first person willing to spend hours evaluating my condition, and this really paid off. Your instruction has changed my life. While a simple thank you is all I can offer, I repeat those words every day."


"If life is an onion, Dan has endured the challenges of peeling it one layer at a time. In just the span I've personally known and worked with Dan, he has endured more challenges, faced more demons and come closer to truly knowing the Higher-Self than most do in many life times!"

Paul Chek,
Founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute Vista, CA

"Dan Hegerich is a living metaphor for death giving birth to life. His nearness to death having given birth to authentic life is a living lesson of love to us all."

Mark Mincolla Ph.D.;
Founder of Maximum Health & Healing Cohasset MA

"Daniel Hegerich was my second patient in student clinic at the Naturopathic College I attended in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately for Dan, I learned far more from him than he from me. They say your teacher comes when you are ready. I look at Dan as one who not only taught me more about nutrition in a few weeks, than I learnt at college in 4 years, but about courage under fire, generosity of spirit, patience, and the fierce desire to live each day as though it is your last. Unconquered. Salute.

Brett Smith N.D.,
Sydney Australia

"I have known Daniel for the past six years as a client, student and friend; during this time I have experienced him to be highly focused, disciplined and courageous. He has overcome a life threatening illness by his willingness to confront his deepest fears and maintain his spiritual faith. Daniel is prepared to step outside the conventional view and rely on his intuition to guide him to the right people and techniques. He spent his life savings on experiential self education and as a consequence saved his own life. Daniel is a rare and remarkable man who has followed his own innate wisdom and healed himself."

Michael Adamedes,
Founder of Inner Peace Mastery, Sydney Australia

"Dan Hegerich was my exercise coach for four months. In this time he identified and addressed a number of muscular imbalances within my body. His knowledge and coaching significantly improved my posture by building strength in my core. Because of the result I gained from working with Dan, I referred him to many of my clients with more complex exercise needs-with similar excellent results. Dan is one of the most skilled exercise practitioners that I have ever worked with."

Gina Richter,
Director Powerhouse Personal Training, Sydney, Australia

"Daniel you are a magical and inspiring human being, I wish the world had more humans like you...who inspire me."

Irene Harper,
Live Out Loud Strategist

"Dan is able to offer something that is profoundly powerful, something that is not able to be taught by universities or other certifying organizations, and that is genuine wisdom. Through Dan’s own life experiences he has acquired a high level of wisdom; one could say Dan has earned a PhD in life and love.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the stunning changes in my life that have occurred from this wise man sharing his wisdom and empowering me to discover and heal significant obstacles in my life."

JP Sears,
CHEK Faculty member, Chek Institute Vista CA